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Atlas F missile base, Adirondack Mtns, NY
This luxury Atlas F Missile Base is now available

This luxury Atlas F Missile Base is now available

Adirondack Mountains, NY.  19 acres (or more).  This is the most highly developed Atlas F site available today, and it is part of an exclusive airport subdivision on a (FAA approved) 2050' runway. (It is fully accessable by road too). It has beautiful manicured grounds in a forest setting within the Adirondack State Park.  Breathtaking mountain views surround this lovely, secure home.  It has a 2000 sq. ft., home on the surface with an open floor plan, a large garage and a wrap around porch which hides the underground structure entryway.  The underground structure has been converted to a 2300 sq. ft. 2-story (3 bedroom, 2 bath) luxury home with fiber optic lighting and a contemporary finished interior.  The silo tube has all floors, spiral stairs and steel super-structure.  It includes a generator and new well.  Low taxes.  Privacy, security and unlimited possibilities.  No other like it anywhere.  

Total Available Real Estate:
Silohome Only: $1,995,000.
Log Home Price: $259,000.
10 Acre Runway Lot w/ 42' x 46' Hangar: $150,000.
Seven Approx. ave 8 acre lots, all 7: $476,000.
125 Undivided Acres to the west: (15 lot potential)  $150,000.

Total: $3,030,000.

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Matthew & Leigh Anne Fulkerson  (785)363-3433

Ed Peden

 original photo of erect missile at this site       

Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's when the Cold War was hot, the U.S. government built hundreds of Atlas-F missile silos (for 18 Million each in 1961) to prepare the country for an attack that never came.  Today, most of these silos lie abandoned and filled with water, monuments to governments wastefulness and a bygone era. 

But now, thanks to two entrepreneurial cousins, one of these silos located in beautiful Adirondack State Park is finding new life as a luxury home with its own private airport.

Surely one of the most unique real estate properties you could own, the missile silo home sits on 20 acres (with 85 additional acres available) of manicured grounds, forest and trails.  Above ground, it features a hangar and spacious open living room and fireplace with wrap around porch.  Below ground, and accessible via stairs from above ground home in what was once the launch control center, now is a two level, 2300 sq.ft., 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath with open living area and kitchen adjoined by a spiral staircase.

Original photo of the site in 1962.
The site features a new well / 200 amp electrical service / phone / original 1800 gallon functional septic. Contemporary fiber optic effect lighting along with natural sunlight rendition back lighting. High circulation venting (two 18" vent tubes), specifically designed to handle the demands of everyday living as well as those that may be posed in a crisis situation. (i.e. a nuclear or biochemical attack).


 Atlas F site, outside sign, adironback mntns, NY

Huge doors open to a large tunnel that accesses the silo that has an additional 20,000 square feet of useable space with unlimited possibilities.  The perfect getaway home, it has its own direct runway access, its climate controlled and is capable of withstanding a nuclear hit. 

The Silo has a climate constant/approx. 58 degree earth ambient temperature.  It is 52' diameter x 178' deep / 9 floor steel superstructure. Entire steel superstructure hangs from gigantic spring suspension system designed to absorb shock of a direct nuclear hit.

Sign entering the complex from the East
roadway entrance in January.

FYI. The DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) have  rigorously tested all the grounds this past summer. They drilled 5 wells surrounding the site and found nothing in the water that was dangerous for all human uses.

artist's rendering of the site adironback atlas F house

Artist's rendering of the property.

Surface part of Silo complex as it exists today.

aerial view of home  aerial view of entire airstrip

Aerial View of West End of Airport, Silo Home
on bottom, Model Home and Hanger on top.

Airport Runway, Silo to right.  

above ground hearth above ground home hearth view

Surface Home fireplace.

Surface view of Kitchen Island and fireplace

 adironback underground home stairs  security doors at base of stairs

Stairwell entrance leading to the the LCC (launch control center) and silo. 

The original, heavy security doors are built to withstand a 2000 lb blast and are at the underground home entrance

 adironback underground home dining room  underground home kitchen

Underground home dining room with kitchen view

Underground home kitchen

adironback underground home center adironback underground home

These two pictures are in the LCC upper level

The underground home has 2 levels and is 40 feet in diameter.

 underground home spiral stairs  adironback underground home center stairs

Underground home spiral stairs


Wide angle view of LCC tower and entertainment room.

adironback underground home bathroom tub adironback bathroom view

Master jacuzzi bathtub

The underground home has 2 1/2 baths

 underground home bathroom  adironback underground home escape hatch

Marble tiled master bathroom Jacuzzi Shower and vanity.

The escape hatch, looking up.

Contact 20th Century Castles, LLC
for more information. 

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Matthew & Leigh Anne Fulkerson  (785)363-3433

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