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Titan 1 Missile Site, Denver
This Titan 1 site is now available

This Titan 1 site is now available

Denver, CO.  210 total acres.
• Very rare piece of history – only 18 built.
• Massive 45,000+ sq.ft. of underground floor space.
• It has a high chain link fence around the central complex
• 2 high capacity deep wells (into aquifer) in power dome
• 3 missile silos all interconnected by 1/2 mile of tunnels.
• Launch control dome is the best we've seen. 
• Distant mountain views
• Just 20 minutes from the metropolitan arrea and international airport.
• Large capacity elevator is intact; needs reconditioning. 
• Under new ownership; clean-up and refurbishment underway. This site has many unique possibilities for commercial or private useage.

Click here to order a video tour of this Titan 1 site.  Price firm at $2,800,000. (no owner financing, full cash at closing required.)  Serious and capable buyers only.

Contact 20th Century Castles, LLC for more information. 
email:   ph. Ed Peden at

 original missile at a titan site            front gate to titan 1 site, denver

A missile in place at a Titan site

The front gate at the Denver site

 titan 1 site titan 1 site

Above ground view of a missile silo

A ground level door on the site

 danger sign at titan 1, denver titan 1 tunnel

A left-over danger sign.

Over 1/2 mile of tunnels connect the underground structures.

titan 1 plans above view of titan plans

Dimensional drawing of a Titan 1 site

Above view plans of a Titan 1 site.  

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