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Other Developed Sites
Here are sample photos from 4 renovated missile silos.  The first one shown is a school made from an abondoned missile silo that is of the Atlas E type (where the missile had originally laid on its side) and the last 3 sets of photos are from different Atlas F sites where the missile was held upright in a deep underground holding.  See our 'History of Missile Bases' page for more information about the site details.
School sign for Jackson Heights


Jackson Heights School, a Kansas high school has been built in an Atlas E missile site.

Originally built for 3.3 million in the early 1960s, and abandoned in the late 1970s, the school district bought the complex for $1 from the federal government, and the building was transformed into something that would benefit the community.

The missile bay has become a bus garage, the command center turned into a classroom, and teenagers from area communities replace the military officers who once patrolled the grounds.

The Jackson County silo was one of many in Kansas that were put to new uses as the military shut them down in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, closing the last one in 1986. School districts, companies and private buyers took advantage of the opportunity to possess the expansive, virtually impregnable fortresses.

 Jackson Heights entrance tunnel Jackson Heights entrance tunnel now
Here is a before picture of the tunnel entrance.
The entrance tunnel at the school has been brightly painted
 school rooms above ground spray pond at the school
Atlas F sites  
 one man's vision for an Atlas F site This is one man's vision of a potential finish to an Atlas F site.  Click on the photo to bring up the page outlining his complete vision.
 Here are some photos from a renovated Atlas F site  
 outdoor entrance at an atlas f atlas f stairs down
This is the above ground entrance to this Atlas F site that has been renovated.
 The entrance opens to these stairs heading down into the site.
 base of stairs  Atlas F living room
 atlas e stairs This site has been very thoroughly renovated, and has bright, white paint throughout.  A good example of the transformation that is possible.
Here are 2 photos from another renovated Atlas F site - this one turned into a luxury home in the Adironback mountains.  
ny adironback atlas f site
the adironback site interior
This is also from a fully renovated Atlas F site, which happens to also be for sale.  Click here for more photos and information about it.
 Here is another picture of this luxury underground home.
This is another Atlas F site, with lovely tile work throughout.  
 atlas e renovation tile atlas e tile
Atlas F Vision SiteOne man's vision of a rehabbed Atlas F missile site.
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