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Communication Bunker, Lillyville, PA
This fine communication bunker is now available

This fine communication bunker is now available

Lillyville, PA. 

Larger communications bunker with 16,000 sq. ft. of underground floor-space on 4 acres m/l.  Above ground 30 ft. X 50 ft. building.  2 deep-water wells + public water on premises with 5,000 gal. ss.  water storage tank.  Sewage facility with approved permits.  6,000 lb. hoist and trolley system functional.  All blast doors in place and functional (electric closures on main doors).  120v, 240v, 277v, 480v, with 840v (available) electrical systems + 24v DC emergency lighting.  (2) 150Kw turbine generators.  Elaborate NBC air filtration system.  Decontamination shower.  Fire hose system.  Bathroom, kitchen and conference room fully renovated, ready for immediate use.  Have pictures, waiting for video.
Our facility has:
• 3 deep-water wells.  These aren't in use as public water is on premises and currently in use.

• It's own sewage facility (all up to date and full DEP Permits for operation).

• two 150Kw turbine generators.  Not tested or used. Remediation of external, underground fuel storage tanks is complete and we have the closure reports.

• 5K gallon water storage.

• Fire hose system (in very nice shape but we haven't turned it on).

• HVAC fully in place but retired in place.  All the refrigerant has been removed.

• All blast doors in place and operational (electric closures on main doors as well as remote).

• Fully functional hoist. 6000#

• Bathroom, kitchen and conference fully renovated.

• All blueprints, operation manuals... on premises for the facility itself as well as installed components.

• 24v DC emergency lighting fully operational.

• 120v, 240v, 277v, 460v all in the building with 8400v available at the transformer above.

• Any/all asbestos remediation completed.  I don't have any closure report but all floor tile and such has been removed.

• Decontamination shower in place but we never used.

• NBC filter (aka CBR as listed on the filter) is still in place.

• All transformers, motor control centers... that we've tested are operational.  Not all has been tested due to certain components being retired in place.
Creative financing possible with significant down payment. 

price: $1,400,000.


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Contact 20th Century Castles, LLC for more information.  email.   ph. Ed Peden at 785-256-6029

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