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Communication Vault, Paris, Missouri
This fine communication vault is now available

This fine communication vault is now available

Paris, Missouri

this facility has:


Hardened Underground Communications Vault
• on 13 acres (more or less)
• built in the 1960’s as a
nuclear war-proof communications center
• 8,200 sq. ft. usable floor space
• 24” thick walls & ceiling
• 2’ to 4’ of earth over
• metal shield enveloping entire structure
heavy blast doors
• 6 air vents with filtration
• blast valve closure mechanisms
• escape hatch emergency exit
• newer underground fuel storage tank (containing diesel fuel)
 900 ft.
deep well on site
• rural water available  
• lighting
• pumps 
• heating 
• cooling 
• dehumidification
• electric hoist
• good neighbors

• near Mark Twain recreational lake
• excellent for underground home or secure document storage facility
• the 177 foot tower has been removed

Price: firm at $295,000. for cash sale


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ph. Ed Peden at


Paris, MO            Paris, MO


The above ground view of the Paris, MO site



A view down the road at this site

Paris, MO   Paris, MO lift


Close up view of the above ground building.


The heavy duty, working lift basket to transport items up or down


Paris, MO  Paris, MO escape stairs


The escape hatch above ground


A heavy blast door below, opens to the escape hatch


Paris, MO  Paris, MO blast door at base of stairs


The entrance stairs, above ground vents showing



At the base of the stairs, a heavy blast door opens to the site.

Paris, MO room Paris, MO room


Several large rooms are available for rehab.



Electricity is working, most rooms have heaters and dehumidifyers

Paris, MO room Paris, MO room


The door in this room is the blast door escape hatch entrance



Click here to order the video tour of this site.

Contact 20th Century Castles, LLC.
for more information. 
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