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Welcome to Missile
Welcome to our site!  We are happy to offer more photos and information! 
We have two general interest videos: 
20th Century Castles and Subterra, and several videos for sale of the Missilebase properties we represent.
Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting!

 ed and diana in subterra tunnel          

Thank you for your interest in the unique underground structures we offer for sale.  These historic cold war structures were each built at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.  These earth-contact hardened nuclear-proof structures are some of the strongest construction ever built on the planet.  No cost was spared.  They are the 20th Century’s counterpart of the fortified castles of past centuries.  They bring new meaning to the word "shelter". Centuries from now they will remain.

Peden home

Our research indicates that the first generation missile sites and certain other communications bunkers offer the best options for retrofit use.  Most other sites decommissioned after 1965 are being destroyed to conform to international treaty agreements. No other structures of this size and strength are presently being built. These are rare real estate offerings, in very limited supply.  Some of these properties are rough after 40 years of neglect.  Others were more recently decommissioned and offer original equipment ready for immediate use. With some clean up and refurbishment, each of these sites will grow strongly in value.

 missile bay at subterra 20th Century Castles, LLC is based in a decommissioned Atlas E site in Kansas, where we have lived underground for 16 years.  This has been the best investment of our lifetime, we love our home.  We sold our first missile site in 1995.  As of January 2010, we have sold 49 of these properties.  We are negotiating to purchase underground sites nationwide and we are finding it increasingly difficult to find willing sellers.  These properties are rare, collectable real estate that have continued to grow in value over the years, despite the current economic conditions.  They are “hard assets” appreciating in value, and a worthy investment consideration.  Many people consider these properties the most coveted real estate in the country.  

 subterra from above, in active use with missile Please study the information on our website and check out the “Properties” section for descriptions of locations presently for sale.  We offer videos to help you see what these are.  Call us if you want to discuss possibilities.  Can you envision one of these undergrounds in your future?  We can make it happen.    

Thanks again for your interest,

Edward Peden, 
20th Century Castles, LLC

photo of an Atlas E site when it was operational.

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