Titan I

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A Major, Underground Complex

The Titan I was the largest and most hardened of the first generation ICBM bases. Active from 1961-1965, they were to be used as our last deterrent and were capable of supporting 150 personnel for 30 days in a nuclear war scenario. Only 18 such sites were built at the incredible cost of $170 million dollars each -- in 1960's dollars! The Titan I is truly an impressive site.

General Layout & Features

In the Titan I, three missiles were housed in separate silos, all interconnected by nearly a half a mile of tunnels. Engineered on the scale of the great pyramids of Egypt, these massive structures provided an estimated 50,000 square feet of underground floor space. The surface level entry portal is 65' deep x 40' in diameter and contained a large utility elevator surrounded by stairs. Elevators at these sites are now inoperable.

Launch Control Dome

This area measures 100' in diameter at its base and 70' in diameter on the second level. It has a 35' center height. It housed the kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, communications room and launch control room. This is the most easily refurbished area for human use. 

Power Dome

Measuring 130' in diameter at its base with a second story mezzanine measuring 100' in diameter, the Power Dome had a 50' center height. It contained four diesel generators to power all systems, as well as a massive air handling and filtration system.


Three separate missile silos each consist of three basic structures: The silo, the equipment terminal and the propellant terminal. The silos are 156' deep with two heavy blast doors opening to the surface. The equipment terminals are 60' in diameter and 40' deep, with four floors connected by an elevator (all elevators are now inoperable). The propellant terminals are 37' in diameter and 37' deep. Tunnels connect the silos to the support structures. Each silo is sequestered from the rest of the complex with heavy blast doors.

Tunnel System

The extensive tunnel system contained hundreds of feet of various sized tunnels ranging from small diameter ducts to a 15' diameter causeway. Most personnel tunnels are 40' below ground level.

Antenna Silos

Measuring 67' deep and 27' in diameter, originally, these held round radar antenna.

The Land

Titan I sites are typically 40-60 acres. Several paved roads lead to various parts of the site. They were originally surrounded by 8' high-security chain link fence topped with barbed wire. High-capacity water wells are found on most sites.

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