Titan II

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Smaller Silo Complex

The Titan II was the second generation ICBM system. Designed for missile launch from within the silo, they served the US Air Force from the mid-1960's to the mid-1980's and were officially ordered to deactivate on April 30, 1982. Under the terms of the 1972 Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) between the US and the Soviet Union, the US was barred from increasing the number of strategic missiles in its operational inventory. The 55 operational missiles were removed from their silos between 1982-1987 and placed into storage for possible conversion into space launch vehicles.​ In order to maintain a strategic position, the US resorted to improving the quality of its missiles, rather than the quantity.


The most important thing to know about the Titan II sites is that all the missile silos were imploded and filled in. The entry portal and launch control centers, however, for the most part, remain structurally in-tact. The Launch Control Center in the Titan II is the deepest and most hardened structure we can offer and holds great potential for development.

General Layout and Features

The Titan II was a radically scaled-back silo system with a Launch Control Dome, Entry Portal and Silo connected by one main tunnel. The missile would not be raised to the surface via elevator, but launched from within the silo tube.


Launch Control Center

Having a domed shape, the LCC has three floors and housed the personnel, living quarters, and the launch equipment.

Entry Portal

Entry to the subsurface structures was gained here via central elevator and surrounding stairs. This area also housed the air handling and ventilation systems.


The single silo is similar to the Titan I, and is sequestered from other parts of the complex with a long tunnel and heavy blast doors. Again, this area has been imploded and filled making the silo completely unusable.

The Land

The acreage for Titan IIs was generally around 13-15 acres.

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