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About Subterra Castle

Owing to its expansive floor plan and drive-in accessibility, the Atlas E is one of the more coveted sites for retrofit.
Our home and business are based in an Atlas E site.

This video of an Atlas E (not ours) was shot by "an explorer" and posted in March 2013. This particular site has been drained, but without operational sump pumps it will continue to take on water, especially in front of the missile bay, as is evident in this video. PS: Please, for your safety and legality, do not trespass on private property.

This is a fascinating history of the ICBM program in a 1950's era film produced by the US Air Force.

Our Atlas E was in very rough condition when we bought it. Yet, after draining over a million gallons of water and removing lots of debris, we have transformed the structure into a beautiful home. It can be done, and it is a very worthy undertaking for the right person or group. The images below are what our site looks like today. Click on the image below for a larger view.


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