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Please take a moment and review this questionaire

Please take a moment and review this questionaire

Please Read This First

Prospect Questionnaire

Are you more a curious "tourist" or a serious, capable buyer?

How do you intend to use a former missile base property?

  • a home site?

  • ...a business or commercial use?

  • an investment?

Do you understand the rough condition of these properties?

  • ...have you viewed the video?

What is your plan to renovate such a property?

  • ..."do it yourself" or hire it done?

  • ...your cost estimate to renovate to your required usage?

  • ...begin renovation now or later?

Do you plan to relocate to the property?

  • soon?

  • ...does your income rely on a location?

  • ...acceptability to spouse, family, etc.

Are you financially capable of purchasing such a property?

  • ...ready to purchase now, or maybe at some future time?

  • ...plan for financing the purchase?

  • ...what must happen before you can close on the deal?

  • ...can you put down an earnest money payment now?

Do you have the vision, creativity, and energy for a grand project?

Are you ready to commit to purchasing a former missile base property if you like what you see?

If you have questions, PLEASE look back over our site to see if the information you may be looking for isn't already there.
Thank You.

Contact us at:

Ed Peden, ph. 785-256-6029

Matthew or Leigh Ann Fulkerson, ph. 785-363-3433

snail mail: Twentieth Century Castles, LLC,  Box 4,  Dover, KS  66420

Or, you may fill out the form below, and we will receive it as an email.  



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Email Address



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