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Luxury Telecom Bunker


Yellow Jacket, CO


Over $3M


$1M - $2.9M


$500K - $999K


$300K - $499K


Under $299K

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Property Description


We are excited to introduce this luxurious and well thought out above-ground bunker. This one of a kind property is located in Yellow Jacket, Colorado, the beautiful 4 Corners area of SW Colorado. It is close to many popular tourist destinations; Durango 50 Miles, Telluride Skiing 65 Miles, Dolores Water Sports, Lakes, Rivers etc. Skiing, Boating, River Rafting 10 Miles away, Mesa Verde 23 Miles. Cortez Is closest shopping and City which is 20 miles.

The Luxury Survival Bunker Features

  • Solid Concrete and Steel Structure; Slab Solid 5 foot thick pour.

  • 4,277 Square feet; 3 bedrooms 2 baths

  • Building is Nuclear Rated at 50 pounds per square inch pressure wave.

  • Building is Biologically Prepared water purification with High Power UV Cannons in water supply with 7 stage water filtering. Well is on site and vaulted in concrete below the ground surface about 6 feet to top of Concrete Door.

  • Building is Biologically Prepared for air purification with High Power UV Cannons. All outside air ducting for pressurization and filtering have emergency shutdown sealed gasket valves in the event of dirty air i.e. biological hit, CS gas etc. Keeps inside air in and outside air out. Main air access room has large UV cannons and ozone generation for purification and biological protection.

  • Air Conditioning is fully redundant with 2 5 horsepower squirrel cage blowers, 4 compressors and condensers.

  • Heating system has 5 layers of backup, primary is a Wood fired boiler in rear of facility (fenced) which also fires on LPG if wood is not available. Electric large scale heating system is back up to entire building, each bedroom, bath etc also has backup electric heaters built into walls, wood burning stove is plumbed for heat, smaller portable heaters are available on site in both lpg and electric formats.

  • Power Systems include, 64 each 180 watt Sharp Solar Arrays with wind prop next line is a back up auto start LPG generator then a gasoline generator sits behind it. Large UPS battery system in side dwelling is HOT and monitored for any alarms and feeds all orange receptacles for lamps, computers, general AC requirements. A computer driven transfer switch will switch to grid as last resort. In 10 Years power has not been dropped.

  • Emergency UHF Scrambled and licensed commercial communications system installed and 10 each scrambled walkie talkies provide 20 mile radius communications back to main security desk located in what is called the situation / office room.

  • There are 3 Refrigerators and freezers the garage is heated by a boiler. Architectural plans provided for additional build out of 10,000 square feet of living space. Materials and design provided akin to the Mountain Village look.

  • Helicopter Pad on top of Prepper Facility. 100 foot tower provides for observation, wind, solar, communications etc. Wood racks provide wood for boiler are located in fenced in area. 

  • Property includes 2.07 Acres

  • Property taxes approximately $1700/year


Owner financing possible with significant down payment. Please inquire.

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