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Subterra Castle

Over $3M


$1M - $2.9M


$500K - $999K


$300K - $499K


Under $299K


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Property Description

Subterra Castle

In the 1950’s, the Atlas ICBM project was born out of a response to the Soviet space and missile programs and the threat of nuclear war. The Atlas E was one of the earliest generations of rocket systems designed to deliver an atomic warhead anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.


The structure alone cost the government $3.3 million dollars to build, not including the cost of the land, rocket, warhead, equipment or staff. This is equivalent to around $27 million in today’s dollars.


This site was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the late 1950’s and was operated by the U.S. Air Force from 1961 until 1965, when it was decommissioned and abandoned by the military in favor of newer rocket technology and stronger underground launch facilities.


The structure is “semi-hardened,” which according to the Department of Defense means, “construction that provides protection against near-miss detonations of large general-purpose military bombs and direct hits from smaller munitions.” The structure requires thousands of cubic yards of very special, epoxy-resin concrete and heavy rebar. It is the strongest structure in the county. It is in excellent condition and will last for generations to come.


After having been abandoned for over 20 years, the subterranean structure had accumulated over 1 million gallons of water and debris. When the owner originally purchased the property in the 1980’s, he was required to use a canoe and a flashlight, or even dive under the water, to explore the site.


As a part of the Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) program, the building and property were cleaned and mitigated of its few remaining toxins and given a clean bill of health.


Since then, the property was lovingly retrofitted over 30 years of diligent effort into a multi-level home, workshop and event center. The 33-acre estate is situated in the Kansas Flint Hills about 25 miles west of Topeka, Kansas, only about 10 miles off Interstate 70, and within 2 hours of Kansas City International Airport.


Throughout the years, owners Edward Peden & Dianna Ricke-Peden have been featured on television shows such as Oprah Winfrey, National Geographic, the History Channel, the Home & Garden Network, ABC, CBS, FOX, and Business Insider. They have garnered the attention of press from around the world for efforts in transforming the bunker into a unique underground home.


Now the couple is aging and are ready to pass the torch as they downsize and simplify their lives. They seek new owners who understand the inherent value of this structure and can capitalize on the foundation they have laid for its continued renovation.  The property holds great potential to continue its use a secure private residence or further development into a unique tourist destination. (The home has previously operated a successful AirBnB business.)


The property is to be sold “as is.” Furnishings and equipment to be included with the sale are negotiable.


Asking Price:         Please email: [email protected]


Property features include:


  • 34 secluded acres (141 acres to E. possibly for sale)

  • ½ mile paved driveway

  • 8’ security fence around complex

  • 100 X 40 ft new Quonset building

  • 450 sq ft. “care-taker’s” cabin on out-skirts of property

  • 2 observation towers

  • 2 sets of 4- solar panels with battery system

  • 1 acre stocked pond with dock, sand beach & rustic cabin

  • 1700’ grass landing strip

  • Ceremonial tree and stone circle plus fire-pit

  • RV electrical and sewer hookup

  • Rural water and cistern water storage

  • Garden spaces

  • Chicken house and yard

  • Walnut tree grove plus apple and pear orchard

  • 65 Massey-Ferguson tractor, brush-hog mower plus other equipment

  • 5 ft cut Grasshopper lawn mower


  • 11,000 sq ft. underground shop/garage with 47 ton drive-in door

  • Diesel generator capacity

  • 150 ft. underground entry tunnels

  • 2,000 sq ft. living space plus 3500 sq ft. great room with stage

  • 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms in living space

  • 2 potential bedrooms and sleeping nooks in great room

  • Domestic and commercial kitchens

  • Passive solar greenhouse entry with hot-tub

  • 750 sq ft. surface living space with full kitchen, laundry, bath


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