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Atlas F

Near Abilene, Kansas

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Over $3M


$1M - $2.9M


$500K - $999K


$300K - $499K


Under $299K


*** 1/2 PRICE SALE ***
Price  $179,000

Property Description



 Atlas F site on 9.8 acres (m/l)

 It is one of the best undeveloped sites we have seen. 

  • A multi-million dollar underground nuclear hardened structure. 

  • Top floor of the Launch Control (1200 sq ft) is open, usable, and painted with electrical service. 

  • Massive 176 ft deep silo, empty (except for water)..  

  • A 40 x 100 quonset building with office, bathroom, and shower. 

  • High chain-link fence with rolling gate.

  • Water and septic on site plus other extras. 

  (we have sold properties like this for double this price; it's a bargain)

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