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Communications Bunker

Concordia, Kansas

Communication bunkers are incredible assets to own.

They have great development potential and expansive floor plans.

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Over $3M


$1M - $2.9M


$500K - $999K


$300K - $499K


Under $299K


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Property Description


PRICE: $600,000.00

This site was built in 1958 at a cost of approximately $4Million. Concordia is an underground structure built as a power-feed station on AT&T's first hardened transcontinental coaxial-cable route, extending from Airmont, NY to Mojave, CA. The installation was also a base of operations for the technicians who maintained a section of the cable route and its unattended repeater stations. The mineral rights go with the property. A large garage with a single drive-in door has been built around the original Entry Building. It looks like a metal agricultural building and blends into the landscape quite well. This site is partially developed into a data storage center. There are a number of security cameras installed around the property to provide security for the data center. They can be remotely operated for off-site security monitoring. Included with this system is keypad and keycard access. It also has a remote controlled rolling gate at the drive.


Financing:  This site does not carry owner financing options. Buyer should prepare for a cash sale by making liquid funds available or securing financing.

Read more about this underground structure  by Clicking Here!


  • Site Acreage: approximately 10 acres

  • Approximately 8,000 square feet of underground floor space

  • Zoning:  agricultural

  • Taxes:  currently around $5,000/year

  • Blast doors are nicely painted and functional

  • EMP protected

  • Walls and ceilings are 18” thick. It has 2-4 feet of earth over the top; built to withstand nuclear blast.

  • 3-phase power is on

  • A 10KW propane back-up generator is installed and functional. It comes with approximately 2 weeks of fuel.

  • 20,000 gallon stainless steel water storage tank is installed underground.

  • Functional bathroom

  • Two sewage ejector pumps feed to the double reduction sewage lagoon system

  • Clean floor surfaces

  • 177’ tower on site – potentially income-producing

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