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Communications Bunker

Russell, Kansas

Communication bunkers are incredible assets to own.

They have great development potential and expansive floor plans.

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Over $3M


$1M - $2.9M


$500K - $999K


$300K - $499K


Under $299K

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Property Description


This is a clean and partially-developed site. Its liveable, though unfinished, and ready to become your remote, secured business or home. A kitchen has been started, but is not yet finished. It is in a remote location and would be ideal for those who want to be away from populated areas.; It has vast potential for development with solutions such as home, data center or other applications where security is important.


Financing:  Creative financing possible with significant down payment



  • 13.1 acres (more or less)

  • 8,800 sq. ft. of nuclear hardened underground floor-space

  • Three-phase electrical power

  • One-ton hoist at main entry

  • On-site well and 10,000 gallon stainless steel water storage tank

  • Duel sewage ejector pumps all in place and functional; one functional bathroom

  • Large rooms, well-lit; 2 ft. wall and ceiling thickness;

  • 16 ft. ceiling heights

  • 4 ft. of earth covers entire structure

  • Elaborate closeable air filtration system

  • 3,000 lb. blast doors, escape hatch and decontamination shower

  • Heaters, dehumidifiers, large fans

  • Generator room with large 225 Kw generator (low hrs.) in place

  • 177 ft. tower with income potential

  • Structure is clean and ready for immediate use

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