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​Nike Missile Site

Southeastern Indiana​

The Nike is one of the easiest sites to retrofit and has virtually unlimited development possibilities. They make fantastic investments.

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Property Description


This Nike Battery was repurposed 30 years ago into a home and auto business. With the exception of the Barracks Building, the site structures are in excellent and usable condition. With lots of potential for more development and renovation, this property is a great find. It will provide safe, functional and beautiful shelter, with opportunity to include a business, if desired. The original cost to build the Nike was $18 Million; in today’s dollars that would be over $100 Million! Please make sure to read about the Nike Battery under the “Base Types” tab. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about this property.

Financing:  This site carries no owner financing options. Buyer should be prepare to make funds available or secure their own financing.



  • 14.5 acres (more or less)

  • Missile Magazine #1 was used as an auto shop & garage space; doors and elevator will be functional with a bit of maintenance.

  • Missile Magazine #2 was converted to home:  Includes bringing water/sewer and other infrastructure to magazine. Home has open Kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, exercise room, indoor swimming pool, jetted tub; doors and elevator are functional. Although livable, the construction is quite dated. The new owner will probably want to renovate the living area. The original elevator has been modified.

  • Missile Magazine #3 is still flooded and awaiting development.

  • Single phase electric & city water

  • High security chain-link fence topped with barbed wire

  • Paved access, with remote controlled, rolling front gate

  • Warhead Assembly Building has been converted into a four-stall horse stable. Several tons of sand have been brought in around the stable to ensure the horses are on soft ground.

  • The Maintenance Building is a great garage/shop space & was built as an above-ground bomb shelter. It has thick walls and ceilings and a decontamination shower.


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