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Deployable Survival Capsule

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Description of Survival Capsule


We are excited to announce something a bit different. Check out this brand new, never used and ready-to-deploy "Survival Capsule."  A completely customized, fully equipped submarine-like pod will make a great bug-out shelter. This high-tech, fabricated steel shelter is designed to be buried underground, and would make an excellent addition to your property.

The pod is 9' in diameter and has two sections:  the main section is 36' long and the secondary section is 20' long.

The pod is currently located in Colorado. This item will be sold with a Bill of Sale (not as real estate) The pod, itself, represents an investment of over $500,000.


It has a 90-day, 6-person occupant load supported by:

  • 2,500 gallon fresh water tank

  • 2,500 gallon sanitation tank/septic system

  • 1000 gallon LPG tank

  • All pumps are installed internally

  • Bathroom with shower

  • Biochemical air filtration, heater and HVAC

  • Communications Center

  • Power distribution center with battery backup

  • Fully equipped kitchen and dining berth



  • Costs for installation at your site will vary.

  • Initially, a site survey will be required, as ground water levels and bedrock layers must be determined, easements, etc. will need to be identified.

  • Installation sites on a hill or in areas where gravity can be used are ideal.

  • If necessary, additional pieces of unit can be (re)fabricated for a deeper installation, the cost of which would depend on how deep the installation is, and what the entry details will be (connecting into existing basement, entry from middle of yard/field, etc.)

  • The unit has been sitting for close to 2 years  - the cost to bring unit into operation:  approx $6,500.

  • Shipping: Requires a crane to load and unload at destination. Estimated costs for crane are approximately $2,800.

  • Basic trucking estimates would need to be determined according to final destination.



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