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"Survival Haven"


Over $3M


$1M - $2.9M


$500K - $999K


$300K - $499K


Under $299K

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Property Description


Montana,  91 acres rural west-central (more land can be purchased).

5280 ft. elevation, 7 miles back from major highway.

Low property taxes, (about $500 annual).

In-ground Fallout Shelter – 12 ft. X 50 ft. tube,  28 ft. deep.

550 sq. ft.  6 - 12 person capacity. 

7ft. X 39 ft. storage tube connected.

940 ft. Deep Well - Madison Aquifer, 10 gal/min. flow, sweet water.

Two 2,000 gal. cement cisterns, total 4,000 gal. water storage.

12.5 KW Diesel Generator (uses .4 gal./ an hour @ 1/2 throttle).

 wo 275 gal. diesel fuel tanks.  475 gal. stored now.

Six 85 watt Solar Panels to top off 32 batteries (12 volt & 24 volt).

Swiss made Air Filtration system with NBC filters.

$12,000 of “Thrive” and other food supply.  
Earth work completed for a 7000 sq. ft. above ground home.


  Price Reduced!!: $495,000
"Possible Owner Financing"


Call 20th Century Castles for more details.  785-256-6029

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